OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are continually exploring innovative and advanced techniques to provide plant biotechnology products to various markets with minimal risk. Some of our efforts include:

ANIMAL-FREE PROTEIN PRODUCTS – A variety of pharmaceutical proteins, such as aprotinin and trypsin, that are difficult to express in other systems.

ORAL VACCINES – Animal and human subunit vaccines that can be produced in plants and orally administered.

ETHANOL – Production of a low-cost supply of cellulases and ligninases used in the production of ethanol from cellulose along with other proteins that can potentially act synergistically with cellulase.

SWEETENERS – Development of a high-intensity natural sweetener, brazzein.

FEED ENZYMES – Production of cellulase, ligninase, proteases and other enzymes that can enhance the digestibility of feedstock by incorporating them directly into food and feed.

TECHNOLOGY – Developing methods that confer high levels of protein expression and specificity, as well as developing alternative plant-selectable and scorable markers.

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