TrypZean® is a recombinant, animal-free alternative to bovine or porcine trypsin. TrypZean® is produced in plants and has the same kinetics as native trypsin [1]. TrypZean® performs similar to bovine or porcine trypsin in a number of applications [2] [3].

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For quantities less than 1 gram, visit Apollo Scientific (Product No. BIT0530) or Millipore Sigma (Product No. T3568).

TrypZean® provides the following advantages:

  • Certified animal-free, TrypZean® eliminates the risk of animal-source contaminants such as viruses and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
  • TrypZean® is free of contaminants associated with animal source trypsin and therefore can be used in lower concentrations in some applications [4].

Commerical applications include:

  • Cell culture: Dissociation of attachment –dependent cell lines from plasticware in serum-free and serum-supplemented systems
  • Insulin manufacture: Cleaves “C” peptide from proinsulin to form active insulin
  • Vaccine manufacture: Cleaves undesirable antigens from cells used to produce vaccines in both human and veterinary vaccine manufacture.


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TrypZean®, bovine recombinant, expressed in Zea mays
Storage temperature: 2-8˚C

Test Specification
Appearance White to off-white powder
Enzymatic Activity
USP units/mg solid
BAEE units/mg solid

≥ 3,350 USP
≥ 10,950 BAEE
Purity by SDS Electrophoresis
Banding corresponds to 24-28 kDa
≥ 90 %

1. What is Trypsin?
Trypsin is a protease derived from bovine or porcine pancreas that is used to digest other proteins. It specifically cleaves peptide bonds after basic amino acids such as lysine and arginine.
2. How is it used?
There are many market segments that use trypsin including bioprocessing, commercial cell culture, wound care, foods, and digestive aid.  It is used in the manufacture of several pharmaceutical proteins including insulin.
3. Is TrypZean® certified animal-free?
4. How can I order TrypZean®?
You can purchase TrypZean® directly from the Applied Biotechnology Website, Apollo Scientific (Product No. BIT0530) or Millipore Sigma (Product No. T3568). If you would like to purchase more than 1 gram, please contact our Product Manager for TrypZean® for a personalized price quote by email at sales at or by phone at 805-756-6458.
5. Do you provide a Certificate of Analysis?
Yes, each lot of TrypZean® comes with a Certificate of Analysis.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
TrypZean® Material Safety Data Sheet