TrypZean® is an animal-free source of recombinant bovine trypsin expressed in maize [1]. Trypsin is a serine protease produced by the pancreas. It catalyzes the degradation of protein by specifically cleaving next to lysine and arginine.
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Avidin is a glycoprotein that binds tightly to biotin. It is used as an industrial reagent, most notably in diagnostics kits.  ABI offers a recombinant avidin, certified animal-free, eliminating the risk of pathogens.
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Cellobiohydrolase is a β-glucanase, CBHI, from Hypocrea jecorina, expressed in maize [2-3]. CBHI is an exo-cellulase enzyme which cleaves cellulose at non-reducing ends of the polymer, yielding cellobiose. Cellobiohydrolase can be used in combination with endocellulases and beta-glucosidase to produce glucose from cellulose. Its activity is dependent on several factors including inhibitors in the substrate.
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Endocellulase is an endoglucanase, E1, from Acidothermus cellulolyticus, expressed in maize [2-3]. The enzyme is highly specific to cleaving the 1,4-glycosidic bond of the cellulosic chain. This can be used to treat pulp fibers to increase their self-adherence when making paper sheets. Enzyme preparations can also be used in combination with cellobiohydralase and β-glucosidase to produce glucose from cellulose.
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